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The Director 8 and Lingo Bible is my second venture into writing. I wrote approximately 400-500 of the pages on Lingo. I know what it is like to be an artist learning to program, so I spent plenty of time on teaching the important fundamental concepts.

This book makes a great text for teaching a Director/Lingo class. It covers Director for the first half of the book, culminating in creating an interactive project, with no programming, using behaviors.

Then it moves onto Lingo, starting at the beginning. If you've never programmed before, this book will introduce and explain the fundamentals of programming.

From there you'll move onto one of the most important to learn topics in Lingo, how to use lists. Using lists is one of the most difficult to grasp for beginning programmers. I spend almost sixty pages on this topic, along with points and rects. In it, you'll learn how to create a simple database using lists.

I cover Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) from both the behavior and Parent script point-of-view. You'll learn how to manipulate sprites using Lingo to create games and interactive projects.

You'll learn how to build games from scratch. The Mars Landing game takes you through the logic of building a game from the first simplest commands, through to the trigonometry involved in moving sprites.

Text, sound, vector shapes, Flash integration, video (including QTVR), Shockwave, Java, MIAWs for windows and tools, memory management, file i/o, and imaging Lingo are also covered.


When a book calls itself a "bible," it usually raises skeptical eyebrows. However, the Director 7 and Lingo Bible, written by a trio of experienced and notable multimedia developers, fulfills its promise and shows an enlightened path to getting the most from Macromedia's multimedia development environment.

Mike Caputo

So, trust me when I tell you that you need a book like the Director 7 and Lingo Bible for precisely the same reason that you bought the product in the first place. Effective use of the application demands effective documentation beyond the books provided by Macromedia. If you are really going to work the application, get ready to put some serious wear on the Director 7 and Lingo Bible.

Dr. Tim Hillman

Final Verdict? A superb book for anyone learning Director, every multimedia course and studio should own a copy, and will help you through the long dark nights of learning to program from scratch or extending your knowledge to write your own custom behaviours, even those who know a good bit of lingo might like the way that all examples are shown in both the old verbose style and the new dot syntax. Highly recommended.

Julian Baker
Graphics World

John and Rob celebrating at their first book party.