Director and Lingo Books



The Director 7 and Lingo Bible is my first book. If you need a version 7 book on Director, click the book to go buy it at But consider upgrading to Director 8 and my Director 8 and Lingo Bible.


Advanced Lingo for Games is author Gary Rosenzweig's fourth book on Director. In it you'll find complete games, their source code, and descriptions of how they are made. I had the opportunity to be the technical editor for this book, I was impressed with the oganization and readability of the code. If you have an interest in creating games with Director, this book will pay for itself many times over.


Using Director 7 is author Gary Rosenzweig's third book on Director. I've worked with Gary and was technical editor for his second book. His code is concise and clever. Using Director 7 is a comprehensive guide which will appeal to intermediate and advanced users.



If you are not interested in Lingo, or you are just starting out with Director, then this is the best book for you. The Visual Quickstart Guide to Director 7 covers Director in more detail than the manuals which come with the product. The writing is clear and simple.


Director in a Nutshell is a great reference for power users and developers. Bruce Epstein goes into great detail on many obscure facets of Director. It is a "must have" for any serious developer. It goes hand and hand with Lingo in a Nutshell with many cross-references, so if you buy one, you'll want to buy the other.


Lingo in a Nutshell, also by Bruce Epstein, only covers up to Director 6.5. This book is still a worthwhile buy in that most of it is still applicable to Director 7. It goes hand and hand with Director in a Nutshell with many cross-references, so if you buy one, you'll want to buy the other.


The Lingo Workshop only covers up to Director 5, so you may wonder why it is listed. If you are learning to program, The Lingo Workshop is the gentlest way to learn to program in Director. It doesn't go into great detail, but it takes you through to some advanced topics with examples that logically build upon one another. It is a great beginning-to-program-with-Lingo book. All of the movies can be updated to Director 7 and will still work. Hopefully author John "JT" Thompson (the father of Lingo) will update it soon.