Nyquist Art + Logic



My current expertise and interest is in ActionScript 3, using it in Flash and Flex since early 2007. I've done development on large software projects for companies Kaiser Permanente, DaVita, Clickfox, as well as on smaller teams and projects. I've also experience developing casual games for eLearning and education.

As a programmer, I've worked professionally with a more than a dozen languages. I began in the late 1980s with HyperCard and its scripting language HyperTalk. I started learning to program in earnest with the
C language and the Mac Toolbox. Programming became a joy when I learned object-oriented programming. The first OO language I worked with was Prograph in 1993.

I wrote two books on Lingo, which is the programming language used by Director/Shockwave. I was technical editor for two more books on the subject. I was a Sun certified Java instructior. I tech edited a Java book and was a technical reviewer on another. I was a Sun certified Java programmer as well as a certified Microsoft C# developer.